This is not the time to keep mum: Dotasra 



President of Rajasthan Pradesh Congress Committee, Govind Singh Dotasra in a speech on Thursday urged the people to speak up against inflation. Several leaders of the congress party attended a protest by the Congress workers against the rise in inflation. As per a news report by the Dainik Bhaskar, some Ministers of the Gehlot government present on the spot refused to give a speech against the Modi government, which enraged Dotasra.

Dotasra was  appointed as Minister of State for primary and secondary education, Tourism and Devasthan in 2018. He resigned from his ministry post in 2021 respecting Party’s one man one post policy. 

“Common man is under a  problem as the inflation is rising. Our responsibility increases in such a scenario. I asked some ministers to give a speech and they waved their fingers (in order to refuse). This is not the time to keep mum. We have to be blatant to oppose the Modi government. There is no income tax raid in order. Modi is not posing an income tax raid on everyone. There is no need to worry,” said Dotasra as per the news report. 

“The present government of Rajasthan has become a foundation for the congress workers, so, speak whenever you get the opportunity. Speak in the villages, on the streets or even arrange a press conference,” said Dotasra, as reported by Dainik Bhaskar.

“Today the poor is committing suicide. If we wave our finger (in a gesture to refuse) then we are trying to move away from our responsibility,” he added.

Former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot also gave a speech at the event.