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Starliner Mission Extended: NASA Works to Bring Astronauts Home Safely

Two astronauts aboard Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft, find themselves facing an extended and uncertain mission duration in space. Sunita Williams and Butch Wilmore’s stay in space was initially planned to last only a few days. Techical challenges lead to a reconsideration of the mission’s length and their return date to Earth.

The Starliner spacecraft, launched on June 5, encountered multiple helium leaks and thruster failures shortly after reaching the International Space Station (ISS). The spacecraft’s service module, crucial for power during flight, faced significant issues, including several helium leaks that rendered five thrusters inoperable.

Stuck in space, the two astronauts face a potential risk of kidney stones and bone loss. As per a report by business today, microgravity causes fluid redistributionin astronaut’s body leading to facial puffiness, congestion and decreased fluid volume in the legs. These changes can also affect cardiovascular functions. Fluid redistributionin can increase the risk of kidney stones due to higher calcium concentration in urine.

The spacecraft’s return has been postponed from July 14 to July 26 with no confirmed date yet.

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