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Met Gala Ticket Prices Skyrocket to $75,000: A Night of A-List Glamour with a Hefty Price Tag

Are you obsessed by the mint green saree worn by Alia Bhatt on the Med Gala red carpet? We too are. But do you know how much does it cost to attend the Med Gala? As per a report by the Financial Express, the individual tickets for Med Gala 2024 now command a staggering $75,000 which approximately is 62 lakhs rupees, marking a significant increase from 41 lakh or $50,000 price tag in 2023.

Back in 1955 however, the individual tickets were priced at $1000 which is approximately 83,000 rupees. Sounds extremely costly right? Let me tell you more. Let us tell you more. The guests also incur substantial expenses when booking tables at the Gala. Prices for a 10 seater table start at astounding $3,50,000 which approximately translates to rupees 2.9 crore. Typically esteemed companies such as Gucci, Prada and Amazon reserve tables, inviting celebrities associated with their brands or adorned in their designs.

However, the final guest lists undergo meticulous scrutiny by the event organizers. The annual Met Gala remains an exclusive affair accessible only via a personal invitation. Overseen by Anna Wintour, Conde Nast’s Chief Content Officer and Global Editor director of Vogue. This black -tie event extends invitation to a select 400 guests ensuring an evening of unparalleled glamour. This year the theme of the Met Gala was Garden of Time, drawing inspiration from JG Ballard’s 1962 sci -fi masterpiece.

Thank you. This year, the Met Gala welcomed four prominent figures as event co -chairs, namely rapper and singer Bad Benny, songstress Jennifer Lopez and actors Zendaya and Chris Hemsworth, with the latter making his Gala debut.

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