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Julian Assange to be Freed as He Enters into a Pact with US

Remember the name Julian Asajj, the WikiLeaks founder who was accused of violating U .S. espionage act is due to plead guilty, said a report by the Indian Express. Asajj, who is presently 52 years old, has spent more than five years in a British jail and seven holed up in a Quadrarian embassy in London as he fought accusations of sex crimes in Sweden and battled extradition to the U .S.

where he faced 18 criminal charges. The United States government has viewed Asajj as a reckless villain who had endangered the life of agents through WikiLeaks mass release of secret U .S. documents.

Asajj’s saga began 14 years ago when he was first arrested in Britain in 2010 after Swedish authorities said they wanted to question him over sex crime allegations that were later dropped. As per a news report by Indian Express, Asajj is due to be sentenced to 62 months of time already served at a hearing in Saipan in the northern Mariana Islands.

The U .S. territory in the Pacific was chosen due to Asajj’s opposition to travelling to mainland U .S. and for its proximity to his homeland Australia.

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