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How a 20-feet-long tunnel was dug by a Jaipur man to rob his friend of silver worth crores


Jaipur: Much like a plot straight out of movies, Jaipur has witnessed a sensational heist wherein thieves decamped with silver bricks worth crores of rupees after digging a 20-foot-tunnel right up to the place where it was buried.

After the police received a complaint from Suneet Soni, a Jaipur-based hair transplant doctor on February 24, an FIR was lodged in the matter and investigation begun.

It was after an investigation that the police got to know that a Jaipur-based businessman who wanted to rob Soni was behind digging the tunnel. Interestingly the accused is also a close friend of Soni.

According to the police, the thieves planned the crime in advance and even purchased the plot right behind Soni’s house after spending more than Rs. 80 lakhs to buy it. It was from this plot that the tunnel was dug, reported The Indian Express.

Iron sheets were also used to cover the plot so that nobody could know about the tunnel being dug,” said Vaishali Nagar ACP Rai Singh Beniwal, adding that preliminary investigation suggests that the tunnel is 20-foot-long and 10-foot-deep.

After several days of investigation, the police finally solved the case and revealed that the mastermind of the entire incident is a businessman named Shekhar Agarwal, who was also a close friend of Soni and also the man who had suggested burying the silver bricks in the first place.

Additional commissioner of police, Jaipur, Ajay Pal Lamba said that Agarwal, along with his nephew Jatin Jain and few other men had dug the tunnel after purchasing the plot before finally decamping with the silver.
The cops on March 1 finally arrested four people including the man by whose name Agarwal had purchased the plot, while the hunt is on for Agarwal and Jain.

The police said that along with the others, Agarwal himself took part in the digging of the tunnel because he didn’t want to involve many people in the heist.

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