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Haryana Assembly Erupts in Sexual Harassment Accusations, Bukkal and Chautala Clash Over Sheltering Claims

Jind, Haryana: The simmering issue of a school principal allegedly sexually harassing over 100 students in Jhind, Haryana, erupted in the state Assembly on Friday, leading to a heated exchange between Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala and Congress MLA Geeta Bukkal.

While the initial complaint involved 60 students, the number has steadily climbed, highlighting the extent of the alleged abuse. The Assembly witnessed accusations of shielding the accused principal, casting a shadow on the state’s handling of such sensitive cases.

Chautala’s Accusation:

Dushyant Chautala, wielding a 2005 and 2011 police report against the accused principal, alleged Bukkal, the then Education Minister, provided him “patronage” and even held a panchayat at her Jhajjar residence to “sort out the matter” instead of pursuing legal action. He demanded a thorough police investigation.

“A sub-divisional magistrate got a daily diary report (DDR) registered against him in 2005. Another DDR was registered in 2011 (Makhod village case). However, no first information report (FIR) was ever registered against him. You as the then education minister provided him patronage. In fact, a panchayat was held at her residence in Jhajjar to sort out the matter. The police should be asked to investigate,” Chautala thundered in the Assembly.

Bukkal’s Retaliation:

Bukkal, vehemently denying Chautala’s accusations, termed them “baseless” and politically motivated. She claimed swift action was taken against the principal upon receiving the initial complaint in 2011, resulting in his suspension and transfer. She further challenged Chautala to present concrete evidence to support his claims.

“The allegations leveled against me are completely untrue. We took immediate action upon receiving the complaint in 2011. The principal was suspended and transferred. I challenge Chautala to provide any proof to substantiate his claims. This is nothing but cheap political point-scoring,” Bukkal retorted.

The Larger Context:

The heated exchange in the Assembly goes beyond individual accusations. It sheds light on the recurring issue of sexual harassment in India and the alleged failure of institutions to provide timely and effective support to victims, particularly in rural areas. The case of the Jhind school principal, with its escalating allegations and political blame game, highlights the need for a swift and impartial investigation, ensuring justice for the victims and setting a precedent for handling such sensitive cases in the future.

Key Points:

  • Over 100 students in Jhind, Haryana, accused school principal of sexual harassment.
  • Deputy CM Dushyant Chautala accuses then-Education Minister Geeta Bukkal of sheltering the accused.
  • Bukkal denies accusations, calls them “baseless” and politically motivated.
  • Incident highlights the larger issue of sexual harassment in India and the need for swift, impartial investigation.

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