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Lovers choose death over separation, end life by jumping into Indira Gandhi Canal in Bikaner


Jaipur: As the country celebrated Holi, two bodies were fished out of a canal in Rajasthan’s Bikaner district on March 29.

They were a boy and a girl, barely past their teenage years. Both their hands were tied with the same rope, suggesting that they had jumped in together into the water body, drowning moments later.

The two were in love with each other and decided to end their lives after pressure from their families to go and live with the persons with whom they were married as children, reported Dainik Bhaskar.

According to officials, the two dead youngsters have been identified as Mujibar Khan (22) and Suman Meghwal (18), residents of Gaurisar village in Bikaner. Both were married off to different persons from their respective religions when they were children.

As a result of the child marriages, their families were pressurising them to go and live with their spouses, now that they had attended adulthood. Fearing that she will have to go to her husband’s house, Suman informed Mujibar and both chose to die instead of being separated, said the Dainik Bhaskar report.

According to officials, a man who was going past the Indira Gandhi Canal, first saw two pairs of slippers and an abandoned bike near the canal and out of suspicion looked inside and saw the bodies of the two youngsters floating.
After the bodies were fished out, it was found that both of them had tied their hands together before jumping.
The police have ordered an investigation in the matter.

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